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Date:2005-12-29 02:32
Subject:published again

For anyone who happened to have a Dec 29th copy of the Daily Press, you may have recognized a familiar name in the Letter to the Editor section. But if you didn't, here is a copy of the short opinion I had published.

The real attack

Many stores across the nation have, in recent years, attempted to become more inclusive for their multi-cultural patronage by using the term "Happy Holidays" as opposed to "Merry Christmas." This has caused an uproar with some who say that using the term "Happy Holidays" to include people of other faiths is "an attack on Christmas." This view shows an utter misunderstanding of the history of Christmas and Christianity.

In the early years of Christianity, no one knew exactly when Jesus was born. By analyzing natural phenomenon occurring during the birth of Jesus, many modern historians actually place his birth closer to March. Christmas was eventually placed on Dec. 25 in order to overshadow the pagan holiday of Yule. It seems that if anybody had their holiday stolen, it was the pagans. The Christmas tree, kissing under the mistletoe and caroling, in fact, all began as pagan traditions.

The Hebrews were celebrating Hanukkah centuries before the Christians were celebrating Christmas. So when we think about the holiday season, we should remember that Christianity was not the only, and certainly not the first, tradition to celebrate its joyous occasion at this time. This holiday season has a rich history that is speckled with traditions from many cultures. The only feasible "attack" is to deliberately ignore the many traditions from which our beloved season has been conceived.

John Buchwald


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Date:2005-12-19 22:39
Subject:A blast of the past

Hey all,

Here are a few new old photos, or old new photos however you want to think of it.. kinda a time capsule from the weekend we went to go see The Cure. Don't get you hopes up.. no pictures of the band or concert... I was far too enthalled to think about taking pictures at that moment. In fact I think I was pretty stoned the whole weekend because I forgot to take my camera almost everywhere. But here are the few pictures I did take.


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Date:2005-12-15 22:06
Subject:How well do you know me?

Take my quiz and find out

Take my Quiz on QuizYourFriends.com!

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Date:2005-11-21 13:39
Subject:when the going get tough...

... John takes a big gulp and trembles in his shoes.

I was looking through sample problems for the MCAT today, the SAT test to get into medical school...


Time to get serious.

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Date:2005-11-20 17:31
Subject:cool, lazy evening

It is a sad day in America when one can find 15 different versions of the Bible at Walmart and not a single dictionary. No wonder we are a society of such ignorance.

In lieu of my extremely hectic school schedule, and being journaled to death in my theater classes, I rarely find any time or energy to journal about the things which really matter to me. This is sad.

I was looking into medical schools the other day, and decided that I need to get my butt in shape and get serious about getting through college with a high GPA. My dream ofcourse is to go to Harvard. But in reality I will be sending in applications to everywhere and see where I can get accepted. But I insist on aiming my sights high on this one.

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Date:2005-10-28 02:38
Subject:My favorite season

The air has become brittle, my mind more acute and my emotions flow smooth like water. The wonderful symptoms of an enclosing Samhain night. At the count of three days the veil between the worlds grows thinner. At no other point do I feel more inspired to extract the sands that flow through the hour glass of my mind.
A group which my firend Lindsey and I have started at CNU, the Pagan and Earth-based Spirituality Organization has a month since been approved by the university as an official college organization. It has become solid so far in attracting and collecting earth-minded individuals on campus in celebration of the ancient ways. Tonight we will attend ceremony at the Unitarian Universalist fellowship, then tommorow, ceremony here at my house.
School has kept me from updating my journal in very long. The process of staying on top of the wave can be very exhausting and time consuming. My weekends have been more or less spent at Jeff and Eddies. These are the times when I can let myself go and explore the sides of me which I must repress during the weekedays. My amnbitions of going to medical school are become mopre amplified this semester than they had been in recent ones. I will be focusing more on my biology major in my upcoming semester than my acting major. I think that it would behoove me to get that one done first, then decide if I was to spend the extra time to finsih my acting major. I must admit however, the feild of environmental science is also becomeing becoming increasingly appealing.
I look forward to tommorow and getting the Samahin Celebrations started!

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Date:2005-09-15 13:23
Subject:It has come to this

Very rarely have I ever felt the need to make my journals readable to only a few select people. I have known for some time now that certain individuals have been using my entries to play Jesus and find excudses to judge me. The truth of the matter is that they would probably never be so honest if they were to create their own public journal. I lay my soul on the chopping board when I write these entries. I do so accepting the fact that I am human and some of my thoughts and actions are less then pious. There are very few people who would allow their skeletons to be seen by all, even though we all have them.

So my message to you.. the ones who use my honesty as ammo (you know who you are) is to take a good look at yourself before throwing stones and see me for my good qualities as quickly as you see me for my bad.

Hense forth, the only reason I am choosing to make certain entries private... is to protect certain friends. Judge me all you want if it makes you feel better about your own faults, but it is not my place to expose my friends.

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Date:2005-09-05 16:55
Subject:more than a bit old fashioned...

To replace Renquest, the supreme court justice who died over the weekend, Bush has nominated Roberts who acordfing to the Washington post has habitually fough against equal right of women. He as went as far as to question the good of "turning homemakers into lawyers". How long will it be before Bush is able to totally reverse the whole civil right movement?


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Date:2005-08-24 00:38
Subject:fighting extremism with extremism?

Pat Robertsaon recently asked the US government to assassinate Venezuelan President. What will happen first. Will Christians realise the hypocracy in their leaders and demand only peace in their religion? or instead.. will they simply become desensitized to the right wing extremism.. and continue to tolerate even greater atrocities of hypocracies.. and further slap ever one of Gods commandments in the face for the benefit of power?

Here is the news article....


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Date:2005-08-22 15:12
Subject:Daily Press Article

I searched through the archives to find a copy of the article in the daily press which I had gotten published a while back. I meant to post when it was published but got distracted... but better late than never...

Science and creation

A highly debated concern in recent years has been whether creationism should be taught in science classes along with evolution. In general, creationism has come to be strictly associated with the Judeo-Christian creation stories. One, however, might easily identify around two dozen distinct major religions in the United States alone, most of which have their own creation myths.

It would be unconstitutional to teach only one, the Judeo- Christian version of creation, while excluding the rest. Furthermore, it would be impossible to be inclusive to all of them while still maintaining a science curriculum. To think that the Judeo-Christian myth will advance into science classes without the other religions expecting (and rightfully so) the same treatment is unrealistic.

I once took a class where all the creation myths were taught. That class was called ancient philosophy and it took all semester to teach.

Unless people are OK with their child or children graduating without the basic knowledge required for a college science class because that child had to learn which gods and goddesses descended from Zeus, let's keep the creation stories where they are.

John Buchwald


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Date:2005-08-19 00:55

It's getting worse... today I had 2 beers... 5 hours later I was burning up and puking my guts out. What is going on with my body?

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Date:2005-08-16 21:01
Subject:last week of summer...

T'is been a while since I wrote a journal of any introspective qualities. Sometimes it seems that it takes so much energy to collect my thoughts, that I don't have the energy to ground them into words. I suppose the flighty laziness of summer has a bit to do with that. Perhaps the lack of reflecting on too much introspection tends to require me to face my depression a bit... which I have done fairly well at eleviating.

I have been more angry this summer thanI am used to being. I suppose I have been being extra careful at handling that anger appropriately, and not using it to create more negativity. I am just so sick and tired of people trying to weezle their religion into my governments laws. How does one deal with this sort of anger? Especially when you are greatly outnumbered and the bible has more power in our governement than the constitution does. I am a strong advocate for peacful resistance, but this anger makes it very hard. I feel the need for spiritual guidance more than ever right now. I am tired of people like Pat Robertson telling people to live like Jesus... news flash... Jesus didnt live in a mansion protected by guards. Jesus didnt have his own lear jet. Jesus never once looked at someone and told them they are going to hell. Pat Robertson talking about living like Jesus is like Macdonalds talking about eating nutritious. If one wants to look to someone to see how Jesus lived, they should look toward someone like Mother Teresa... who renounced her possessions to dedicate her life to the sick and poor.. as Jesus did. I feel so sorry for Jesus at this point. I feel like his message has truly been lost to fundemental christians and almost to the world as a result. I pray that the true nature of Christianity wil resurface. The one that emphasized love, forgiveness and compassion.

Shew OK that was my soap box for the month....

in other news... Jeff, Eddie, Teresa and I went to see Tori Amos Sunday. Here are some pics we took before the show... and one from after when we went to IHOP and ate too much.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Date:2005-08-13 02:24
Subject:Christianity has pagan DNA (part I)

The Godhess Hel

The norse god Hel was revered as the queen of the underworld. Unlike the Christian concept of Hell, the Goddess hel was responcible for the properties of regeration after death. She was the goddess of mystery and the divine qualities of death. Later, Christian mythology would use her name to signify a place of mysery and suffering for earthly sins. The Hebrew scriptures in fact have no word that actually translates into "hell". Such an interpretation is merely a symantic mistake made by modern language translations.

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Date:2005-08-05 01:26
Subject:Just a copy and paste..

Yeah so I wrote this for a forum.. but its my thoughts so I am posting it here :-)

Wicca... not pure paganism

Wicca is so often seen as the antithesis of Christianity, that I felt compelled to put in my two cents, and hopefully clarify what I meant when I said I am both Christian and Wiccan. Let me first start by saying that I follow a gnostic form of Christianity known As Unity, which does not condemn other faiths.
Let us start with with the topic of what paganism is. Pagan comes from the greek word paganus, meaning field dweller and was ascribed to any persons who did not follow the holy books of judiasm or christianity, and later to islam. When we speak of pagans in this era, we are speaking of hundreds of individual tribes throughout the lands, most of who were warlike... or in the as case of The Romans, flat out cruel. The Christians saw the human sacarfices and warlike mentality that was going on and did the world a great favor by setting out to put an end to it.
The people of biblical times had absoultely no concept of a religion such as Wicca. It is different that any form of paganism that existed in biblical times, and no form of paganism at those times lived by "Harm none, do what ye will". Wicca is actually a blend of celtic, native american, greek, jewish, and many other cultures. The wiccan ritual was actually influenced by judaism. The pentagram as well as the tools used in ritual came from the jewish faith. Wicca is pagan-like, but NOT the paganism that was feared and resented by the early judeo-christian teachers.
I celebate the turning of seasons with a Wiccan coven. I am monothiestic, believing that all gods and goddesses are simply different aspects of the same universal power, which is pure Love. I believe that Jeshua had within him the uninhibited divine spirit of love. I follow the way set forth by Jeshua and nothing that I do within the Wiccan coven is condemned by my interpetation of the scriptures, therefor, I am Christian.

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Date:2005-07-16 20:03
Subject:Just for fun cause I rarely do these...

Birthday:September 28th 1978
Birthplace:Groton CT
Current Location:Yorktown, Va
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Black
Right Handed or Left Handed:Right
The Shoes You Wore Today:None--was stuck inside being sick
Your Weakness:keeping my cool with ignorant people
Your Fears:ignorant people
Your Perfect Pizza:cheeze, mushrooms, peppers, olives, spinach, onions and tomatoes
Your Most Overused Phrase On an IM:"ic" (To which I usually respond, "do you really, or are you just syaing that?"
Thoughts First Waking Up:"Shit, Am I late for anything?"
Your Best Physical Feature:Eyes
Your Bedtime:somewhere between 11pm and 6am
Your Most Missed Memory:yeah, I miss my memory alot.
Pepsi or Coke:ugh... sodas are evil.
MacDonalds or Burger King:BK Veggie all the way! Though I wish they would put it on whole wheat.
Single or Group Dates:Single
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:Lipton
Chocolate or Vanilla:vanilla
Cappuccino or Coffee:Coffee
Do you Smoke:Sometimes
Do you Swear:I'm an acting major, what do you think?
Do you Sing:Yes, but only when asked NOT to.
Do you Shower Daily:I shower about 3 or 4 times daily... OCD keeps me clean.
Have you Been in Love:Yes
Do you want to go to College:Im so there dude
Do you want to get Married:I want to find my soul mate, once I find her, no government paperwork matters to me beyond that so it would be up to her.
Do you belive in yourself:Last I checked, I exist.
Do you get Motion Sickness:Only when I spin around very fast.
Do you think you are Attractive:Ive seen worse.
Are you a Health Freak:I like to be healthy, that doesnt make a me freak.
Do you get along with your Parents:Yes
Do you like Thunderstorms:Yes, 'cept when I was planning a trip to the beach like the other day... errrrrr
Do you play an Instrument:guitar
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:yes
In the past month have you Smoked:yes
In the past month have you been on Drugs:no
In the past month have you gone on a Date:hmmmm.... not sure actually, not really good with those terms.
In the past month have you gone to a Mall:not that I remember
Have you ever eaten a box of Oreos:ugh no
In the past month have you eaten Sushi:no .. damnit thats what Ive been missing.
In the past month have you been on Stage:no
In the past month have you been Dumped:no
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:no
In the past month have you Stolen Anything:hell no
Ever been Drunk:yes
Ever been called a Tease:yes
Ever been Beaten up:yes
Ever Shoplifted:no
How do you want to Die:Make such a positive change in the world that I am assinated like all the other great ones.
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:Doctor/ actor/ musician/ world healer/ philanthropist
What country would you most like to Visit:The country of the world
In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color:Either brown, black, hazel, blue, or green
Favourite Hair Color:Brown
Short or Long Hair:either
Height:who cares
Best Clothing Style:either hippy or goth
Number of Drugs I have taken:I plea the fifth
Number of CDs I own:Oh god, what a daunting number
Number of Piercings:one
Number of Tattoos:one
Number of things in my Past I Regret:zero


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Date:2005-07-14 16:55
Mood: sad

I can't think of a worse feeling that I have ever experienced than having to hurt someone you love in order to help them.

Date:2005-07-04 13:55
Subject:Back from the mountains

I began the trip visiting my friend jennifer withwhom I had been talking online. We had such a nice time that I forgot to take pictures (beats head into wall) and she forgot to go home at a reasonable time. This did not warrant me a good first impression for the parents :-P. We began the evening at a sorta "hole in the wall" type of bar. We promptly left, however, when we discovered that if we decided to stay we would have to pay a five dollar cover to listen to live country music... noooooo thanks. I was much more interested in the conversation anyhow. A storm moved in abruptly as we sat at the bar finishing our drinks. We got absolutley soaked running to our cars... sexay! Alas we reteated to Ruby Tuesdays for more drinks and the salad bar, did I mention yet that we got soaked? A conversation with an intellegent, beautiful woman, fresh salads, and run, and coke.. it doesnt get too much better than that. Afterwards she took me to a cliff overlooking the town. Not sure what was more fun, actually being at the cliff.. or the dark walk through the woods with an alchohol buzz. We talked about spirituality for a while, our ancestors and family, and all in all had a very uplifting talk. Afterwards we went back to the hotel and listened to The Cure for a few hours before she had to leave. The next day I drove around town enjoying speeding down the country roads as I awaited for Jennifers call telling me it was OK to come to her house. I managed to wind up in West Virginia for a few efore realizing my phone wasnt getting reception. After a brief visit to Jennifers house, I decided to head to Melanies before I got too tired to drive. I fell asleep at the wheel twice before deciding to pull off at a rest area to take a quick nap. An hour and a half later, and 30 minutes ahead of scedule, I was at Mels. The first night we took a walk around to property and I tried in vain to pet the cows, but to no success. Considering their fate I cant blame tem for not being fond of people. Afterward, her parentsd took us up to the icecream store where we had an evening snack and listened to the mountain version of hippies play live music before they retreated around back to take a few puffs from their creativity pipes. Initially I was afraid that I would not be able to get to bed early enough for their families standards, but after the past couple days, my I was out when I hot the pillow. I woke up and went to church with their family that morning. Aferwards, we went down to a spring with a waterfall and a swimming hole and talked about how we would love to build a little cottage in a place like that and retreat from the negativity of society. After having lunch at subway we went down to the fresh water river behind her house and I collected about 70 pounds worth of river rocks to decorate my appartment. We sat in some lawn chairs in the river and Melanie told me ow badley she wanted to come down to fourth of July fireworks here in Yorktown with me. She had already discussed this with her mother, who was not fond of the idea. The time was clising however for me to leave. Again she pleaded for her mothers approval. We didnt need her motherspermission, but her mothers approval was very important for oth of us. I have developed a strong appreciation for her parents and have a respoct for how hard they try to keep Melania safe. I can however understand Melanies frustration with needed to be set free already being almost 20 years old. Her mother thinks that we spend way too much time together for two people who are just friends. I dont understand this considering we only see eachother once very few weeks. I suppose the only understand I can have of it, and perhaps the only understanding that is neccessary is that they are from a very different age and cultyre than I am, and simply see things differently. In the end, a peace was made, and they were able to accept her coming back to Yorktown with me for fourth of July. So we are here... and here are some pics from the trip....

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Date:2005-06-30 19:47
Subject:A great day for peace...

The world comes closer to acceptance and liberation for all of its people...

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Date:2005-06-29 04:11
Subject:4:11 on tuesday night
Mood: melancholy

My heart is racing, my palms flowing with sweat, head is ungrounded and haunted by thoughts which dont even seem like my own... can only mean one thing, the bipolar is kicking me. Oh hell, it 4:30 and all I can do is pray for daylight. As if the sun will release me from some prison that the night currently looms over me. Perhaps like a slowing freight train, after writing a bit, my mind will grind to a halt and grant me some peace to sleep for the night.

All else seems fruitfull in my life and of no cause to complain. My garden had started to produce the sweetest cherry tomatoes I can remember tasting in a long time.

Today I finished the book "The Heart of Compassion" by the Dalai Lama. This books is like a warm cup of peppermint tea for the mind and heart. With his ways of creating a sense of moderation in all things, one can not help but to hold a greater perception of balance after reading that book. But then.. what can we expect... he's the Dalai Lama.

I think if sleep doesnt kick in soon. I will go watch the sunrise and attempt a morning workout at the gym. woo hoo.

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Date:2005-06-21 01:41
Subject:A Breath of Fresh Air

The past two days were touched with moderate weather, perfect for a trip to busch Garden yesterday. Jeff, Eddie, Teresa, Melanie and I all met at a Chinese Buffet around noon for lunch before going. Sushi and coffee.. a pefect way to start the day. The afternoon was light. The weather stayed cool and sunny for most of the time and didnt begin to get overcast until we were all ready to leave anyways. It was extremely refreshing to enjoy a carefree day out with my friends.. during the daylight hours for once, and in such a beautiful ambience as Busch Gardens. I swear I enjoy the wildlife there more than the rides. I hink one of the most memorable parts was sitting on a swing with Mel and looking at the trees hovering over us as we waited for the rest of the group to get back from a roller coaster. We ended the evening at the Festhouse, a german style food court, where i had pizza and domestic beer.. how ironic.
Today Mel and I started off the day with some of my experimental cooking. I made french crepes with blueberry jam butter, and it was total awesomeness... considering I didnt use a recipe. We went to the mall for a bit, then came home and had dinner with my parents. I made all of us an awesome salmon ceasar salad.. more of my experimental cooking. Tommorow is summer solstice. Melanie will be joining me for ceremony. It will be the first pagan event she has ever been to.
Mel goes back home on Wedensday, then back to my normal life. We have been doing very well on a friendship level. I makes me happier than anything that we were able to maintain a healthy friendship after our breakup. We both agree that we are not right for eachother in the romantic sense, but thoroughly enjoy and value eachothers company and friendship. Here are some pics from Bush Gardens.

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